Laura Lewis

My 15 year old red healer cross girl. She got an acupuncture and laster treatment to by my vet Alex Echoff and today she’s wagging her tail and laying in her favorite position. I haven’t seen either of those things in a couple of years.

Vanessa Alexander

Dr. Estrada really knows what he is doing, because when he says it is time to breed, it is time and we take our mare back to him. He has saved us a lot of time and money. He is really good and very committed.

Susan Purcell

Dr. Estrada has given the horses exceptional care. I am grateful for his commitment to their care and well-being.

Mary Ellen

Santa Sofia Equine is the very best! Dr. Estrada provides diligent and comprehensive veterinarian and reproductive services.

Carol and Norman Reid

This is our 4th year with Dr. Estrada, and in this time our conception rates have improved dramatically. As serious breeders who breed almost exclusively with frozen semen, we appreciate his attention to details, and expertise. His kindness and caring are extra perks!

Jill Stacey

I have been a client of Santa Sofia Equine since 2015. I have always been appreciative of the care and compassion shown to my horses. Expertise and attention to detail are always top notch, whether it is breeding my mare or general veterinary care. Repro services are the clinic specialty, and I highly recommend working with Santa Sofia. I am so grateful to have the services of this clinic available, my horses are in good hands!

Lorie Bryan

“Dr. Estrada is a true professional who is both hardworking, and clearly committed to his clients and the welfare of their horses, administering routine tasks or specialty reproductive services.”