Dr. Estrada: Albuquerque’s Mobile Vet

There’s only one board certified animal reproduction specialist in New Mexico: Dr. Andres Estrada, DVM. He is the owner of Santa Sofia Equine, a mobile veterinary service specializing in the reproductive treatment of horses and canines. A member of both the American College of Theriogenology and the European College of Animal Reproduction, Dr. Estrada brought his training and education to New Mexico and founded Santa Sofia Equine in 2009.

Albuquerque horse and dog owners are fortunate to have Dr. Estrada’s knowledge of theriogenology locally available. Santa Sofia Equine provides mobile vet services for the surrounding areas of greater Albuquerque, including Rio Rancho, South Valley, Belen, Los Lunas, East Mountains and Corrales.

Equine & Canine Service

Santa Sofia Equine is a general equine practice that also specializes in reproductive performance and treatment of reproductive problems in your horse. Dr. Estrada, a mobile vet in Albuquerque, is available to perform castrations, administer vaccinations, float teeth and treat conditions like colic, lacerations, and lameness. He can also provide professional consultation and pre-purchase evaluations on horses.

The extensive reproductive services include:

  • In mares: reproductive ultrasound, pregnancy diagnosis, breeding soundness evaluation, artificial insemination, deep horn insemination, embryo transfer and vitrification, oocyte aspiration and twin reduction.
  • In stallions: semen collection, evaluation and freezing, fertility and reproductive soundness evaluation, and epididymal semen harvesting and freezing.   
  • Additional consultations: breeding shed design.

Santa Sofia Equine can provide reproductive services for male and female dogs including semen collection, evaluation and freezing, cytological evaluations, and artificial insemination. For more information on available services, contact Dr. Estrada.

Mobile Veterinary Service in Albuquerque

Dr. Estrada has studied equine reproduction extensively. He has practiced veterinary medicine in both North and South America and has attended preceptorships at globally renowned equine breeding operations in Canada, Europe and Australia. His professionalism and ability to provide exceptional care has made him a trusted resource for Albuquerque horse owners.

Whether your horse requires general healthcare, reproductive assistance or emergency care, you can rely on Santa Sofia Equine to provide the highest-quality veterinary service. Call Santa Sofia Equine today, the experienced mobile vet in Albuquerque who is available for your every need.