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Equine Dentistry Albuquerque

Equine dentistry services are available through Santa Sofia Equine. Horses require routine dental care to help preserve their overall health. Regular oral exams can identify abnormalities that may cause discomfort or indicate a more serious issue. Santa Sofia Equine provides dental services to horses throughout the greater Albuquerque area and surrounding areas.

Dental Problems

A horse will often display signs of oral health issues either through physical discomfort or a change in their feeding or behavioral habits. Some of the symptoms may include:

  • Quidding, difficulty chewing food or increased salivation.
  • Weight loss attributed to lack of adequate digestion.
  • Large undigested feed particles in manure.
  • Foul odor from the mouth.
  • Foul smelling nasal discharge.
  • Refusing to take a lead or poor performance with a bridle.

Caring for Horse Teeth

Adult horses can have between 36 and 44 teeth depending on their gender. Normally, a horse chews in a circular motion with the lower jaw sliding along the upper teeth. This movement maintains even wear on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. The angled shape and improper chewing patterns may cause the edges to become sharp, and cause pain or discomfort. A common service of horse dentistry is floating teeth, meaning the rasping of abnormally sharp hooks and points on the teeth. 

All horses should be examined annually. Oral exams can be done when routine vaccinations are given. As horses get older, they may become more susceptible to tooth infections. While horses don´t tend to have as many problems with tooth decay or gum disease as other animals, their continuously erupting teeth present unique problems. If a tooth is lost or worn abnormally, the opposing tooth will keep erupting from the gumline because it has no contact surface to wear it down, making it difficult for the horse to chew properly.

Albuquerque Equine Dentistry Service

For equine dentistry appointments or to receive more information about veterinary care for your horse, call Santa Sofia Equine today.