Horse Reproduction & Equine Reproduction Albuquerque

Santa Sofia Equine is a mobile veterinary practice that specializes in equine and horse reproduction in Albuquerque. Founded in 2009 by Dr. Andres Estrada, this exceptional ambulatory service gives horse owners the opportunity to receive extensive horse reproduction services and emergency assistance anywhere in the greater Albuquerque area.

Dr. Estrada, a member of both the American College of Theriogenology and European College of Animal Reproduction, is pleased to share his knowledge and expertise with horse owners who require assistance in equine reproduction. The following are among the many skilled services Santa Sofia Equine offers:

Reproductive Services for Stallions

  • Stallion handling and management
  • Semen collection, evaluation, and freezing
  • Epididymal semen harvesting and freezing

Reproductive Services for Mares

  • Artificial insemination
  • Deep Horn Insemination
  • Embryo transfer and vitrification
  • Oocyte aspiration
  • Twin reduction

Equine Reproductive Procedures Explained

Artificial insemination is the process of introducing a stallion’s fresh, chilled or frozen semen into a mare when she is in estrus and ready to ovulate. This practice has a history of success in livestock and can be just as efficient as natural breeding if estrus is followed closely.

Deep horn insemination is typically a minimally invasive procedure in which frozen semen is deposited at the tip of the uterine horn. This process can use a hysteroscopic or transrectally guided technique that may increase the percentage of the sperm in the oviduct.

Equine embryo transfer refers to the procedure of collecting a fertilized oocyte (embryo) from a donor mare and transferring it to the synchronized reproductive tract of a recipient mare.

Ovum pickup, also known as oocyte aspiration or oocyte collection, is the process by which oocytes (eggs) are retrieved directly from a mare’s ovaries using ultrasound guidance to perform transvaginal aspiration. A long needle is passed through the mare’s vagina to aspirate follicles present on the ovary.

Santa Sofia Equine Reproduction?

Dr. Andres Estrada is known for his expertise on equine reproductive pathology, equine fertility, horse reproductive management and reproductive technologies. He is available for professional consultations on equine reproduction.

If you have any questions about equine reproduction in Albuquerque or would like to schedule an appointment for your horse, contact Santa Sofia Equine today!